WiFi Scanner Keychain

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I recently came across with moononournation’s libraries and code on Arduino IDE for ESP8266 and ESP32, which includes a demo of WiFi 2.4G air scanner.

As iOS user I can not have a WiFi Explorer so having this keychain hanging in my backpack was a nice idea. However moononournation did a tutorial and printer STL files for a TTGO VT7 v1.0 that is no longer available, so I designed my own enclosure for a TTGO T7 v1.4.

Link to the file here.


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When I contracted my internet line with spanish ISP Pepephone they installed me a ZTE F680 router with embedded ONU/ONT. I didn’t wanted the router thing so I hacked it to achieve the ONU/ONT password and replaced with a classic ZTE F601.

Now I finally managed to get rid of the ZTE F601 by using a SFP with integrated ONU/ONT. The SFP I bought is DFP-34X-2C2 but DFP-34G-2C2 model should work as well.



This is an ARM v7 (ZX279125) running at 600Mhz and nearly 1200 bogomips, 32Mb integrated RAM and 16Mb of external (SPI?) flash (source) running linux ZTE flavour 2.6.32 in a SFP form factor. PDF

To be able to configure it there has to be some link in the optical connection, otherwise the SFP interface in your switch/router might not linkup and the SFP internal IP might not be reachable.

The default connection info is as follows:

  • IP:
  • VLAN: 1
  • URL:
  • User: admin
  • Pass: admin

In its web page you can configure PON settings and even routing mode. By default, there is no WAN connection (this means there’s no routing mode, only bridge with all vlans through the SFP interface port). You can make the SFP a router to route you house/office traffic by making a WAN connection but I prefer to keep it as bridge.

Once in the web configuration page we can configure LOID, SN and their passwords as per our ISP requirements:

DFP-34G-2C2 LOID web onu ont

DFP-34G-2C2 LOID web

DFP-34G-2C2 SN web

DFP-34G-2C2 SN web

There is also telnet access with the following credentials:

  • User: root
  • Pass: Pon521

Telnet access is for linux advanced users and is not recomended to tamper with.

I bougth mine here: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000296796422.html

I have this SFP directly plugged to my C2960G switch and my router is a Debian virtual machine inside a synology DS218+ NAS which receivec VLAN20 traffic from the ONU/ONT through the switch and then the VM routers the traffic to VLAN1.

Tiny GPS toy 3D printed Case

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Is been long since the original proyect was made and I’ve been keeping it ‘naked’ until I got the guts to design a simple yet useful case.

STL can be downloaded HERE.

The original proyect was published in my blog here: http://karman.cc/blog/archives/746

Original Youtube video showing working navigation:

Here is the custom Hardware by Mike: http://karman.cc/blog/archives/861

Apollo AGC DSKY Block II Front Plate

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This is a very clear photo of the front plate of the Apollo G&N Computer (AGC) Display and Keyboard (DSKY).

In this photo can been seen the segments that composed the display fonts because the wear ni a different color.



Micro CRT with Arduino

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This is a micro CRT from an old camcorder. I used an Arduino Nano to generate a video demo (cube rotation) to show that it still works.

There is also a POLOLU-2118 power supply and a lipo charger aswell as a lipo battery.

Just for the fun of viewving :)