Omega2+ minidock and Oled custom enclosure.


I’ve had this Omega2+ with minidock and soldered Oled SDD1306 lying around naked and decided to make a 3D printed custom enclosure for it.

Both halves snaps together to keep it closed.

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4 comments to “Omega2+ minidock and Oled custom enclosure.”

  1. Comment by Albiano:

    Wasted my time coming here. Why google indexes low quality blogs? Every child whos daddy buys him 3D printer thinks they have right to post their nonsense on youtube.

  2. Zen Comment by KaR]V[aN:

    Actually seems you wasted more time in commenting.

    Who knows what did you search… maybe because my blog is fifteen years old without adds and random shit. You may guess my age.

    Anyways this is a custom design. Something I designed myself for my use. You may like it or may not. But what you did in your comment is wrong.