Tiny GPS toy 3D printed Case

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Is been long since the original proyect was made and I’ve been keeping it ‘naked’ until I got the guts to design a simple yet useful case.

STL can be downloaded HERE.

The original proyect was published in my blog here: http://karman.cc/blog/archives/746

Original Youtube video showing working navigation:

Here is the custom Hardware by Mike: http://karman.cc/blog/archives/861

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22 comments to “Tiny GPS toy 3D printed Case”

  1. Comment by Olaf:

    This is my design. What a nerve posting it here. Friends warned me that some guy in Spain is taking others people work.

  2. Zen Comment by KaR]V[aN:

    This hardware design was made by Mike Rankin back in 2014. Here you can see a video posted on youtube in March 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVtMzm-KlI8 and the archived tindie page were he sold them: https://www.tindie.com/products/miker/gps-board/

    The code was fully wrote by me back in 2012. You can see the historic hackaday article here: https://hackaday.com/2012/06/06/building-a-diy-gps-cube/ and the youtube video also from June 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaPWv66W1TY

    I had it naked until recently designed and printed custom case.

    I have posted proof of original work. Please post your proof of original work. Also please stop any xenophobic comments.