GPS Toy Hardware version 2


Update: If you want one for real it is now for sale at Mike’s Tindie page here.

About 9 months ago one Hackaday reader dropped some comments about compiling the source I published here a year ago and some troubles. After that, Mike and me kept talking and things turn out that he was PCB developer, so we though we could make together GPS cube version for real.

Together we developed a schematic and Mike built all himself several prototypes until we finally came with a (almost!) final version. So, here we are, one year after first release:

GPS Cube version 2

GPS Cube version 2

This version has several features:

  • Everything is packed together in a single board.
  • Better GPS: we switched to MT3339 PA6H instead old SirfStar III EM-411
  • We added TMP75 I2C temperature sensor.
  • The display PCB is also custom to run 3.3v
  • Everything runs 3.3v: GPS, display, FTDI, TMP75 and atmega328p is now running 8MHz, Battery lasts longer.
  • Expansion header with SPI and I2C: the board ca be used as development board for any other projects with displays or GPS.
GPS Toy Hardware Rev1.0

GPS Toy Hardware Rev1.0

New GPS Board back

New GPS Board back

All the hardware was designed and developed by Mike Rankin (probably will go to Tindie) meanwhile I developed the software.

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