Arduino Sensor Board plus PongClock


This tiny sensor board was solely designed by Mike Rankin, a friend that help me to bring life to a real custom GPS board. This time he was looking for a multi purpose board to develop anything.

Sensor Board Main display Side Showing Ponglock

Sensor Board Main display Side Showing Ponglock

Feature list:

  • I2C Bus to save pins for future use.
  • 128×64 OLED I2C Display: let’s draw anything
  • Momentary switch on left and cross plus center buttons on right (total 6 input buttons)
  • Arduino Leonardo based: USB for anything.
  • Temperature sensor (I2C)
  • Barometer sensor (I2C)
  • Accelerometer sensor (I2C)
  • Real Time Clock (I2C) plus backup battery.
  • Switched power supply.
  • LiPo charger.
  • Tiny design: let’s make portable projects.
Sensor Board Main Component Side

Sensor Board Main Component Side

I couldn’t resist temptation.. I ported the pongclock code from Rob Parrett to this tiny board. Here is the result:

Hardware is open hardware, you can obtain anything on Mike’s web or you can buy it directly from Tindie. Custom pongclock code can be downloaded from here.

Update: I fixed 3 bugs in the original code to fix pong game behavior to be as accurate as possible, like the scoreboard, ball missing and properly change of hours.
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