Empty Standby List

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EmptyStandbyList.exe is a command line tool for Windows (Vista and above) that can empty:

  • process working sets,
  • the modified page list,
  • the standby lists (priorities 0 to 7), or
  • the priority 0 standby list only.

The executable file below is signed.
Download: EmptyStandbyList.exe


EmptyStandbyList.exe workingsets|modifiedpagelist|standbylist|priority0standbylist

Warning: All this text was yanked from it’s original autor at https://wj32.org/. Since the server does not work/respond anymore I rescued the article and exe from archive.org. I found this solution to a common problem of windows using and not freeing standby memory. If you like me do not use swap file then things goes nasty when memory fills up. Adding an schedule task in Task Scheduler calling EmptyStandbyList.exe every 5m does a nice job ensuring that the memory is clean and free.
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